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Trouble finding player for AAC+ Shoutcast stream


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Greetings everyone, I’m a true newbie with broadcasting technology and web radio (and English Language). Turns out I became responsible for creating the infrastructure of a radio to be transmitted by the web for the place I work for.


My problem has been finding out a player to be implemented on our web page, and this player should work with our AAC+ Shout cast stream (I’m not so sure about this specifications but I’ll provide my stream URL bellow).


I already tried JW Player with no success, and I read that it is not compatible indeed. I did little research on this forum before posting this and find out this player (http://player.sc3new.shoutcaststreaming.us/fm5280new/) but I have no idea of how to get the sources for configuring myself.


Anyway, you are mostly my last hope and thank you very much for any possible help.


My Stream URL:



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