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Looking for presenters with any genre!


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We at WildCube Radio (http://www.WildCube.co.uk) are looking for presenters. WildCube launched on the 25th of October and has grown rapidly since.


WildCube radio is a station aimed towards entertaining and creating a safe, fun environment for people to be in. WildCube boasts it's show diversity and entertainment platforms.


We're looking for any type of show, be it dubstep, pop, rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, you name it and we'll play it! WildCube is a licensed by PPL and PRS for Music as per the requirements of UK law.


If you would like to present on WildCube Radio, visit this page: http://www.wildcube.co.uk/web/?p=13 to read more. Alternatively, you can email ash@wildcube.co.uk asking for more information.




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