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I'm over SAM: can anybody answer this simple situation I need solved?

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I've now lost my last several shows due to SAM or whatever my system doesn't like about it. I would really appreciate some help here. My show finally has a decent following and now I'm looking like a clown to be honest. I've read the entire GD internet now.


Here's my simple situation: I want to run a 80-128 kbps show, live, talk show, with occasional music and sound effects, and be able to take calls through Google Voice using Virtual Audio Cable, without hearing my own voice at any time.


That's it.


Problems: With Sam, I made it work before and I just don't like SAM. I'm ready to go with something that maybe has less bells and whistles and more importantly, can do what I need for much less money.


Sam has been jumping around lately, introducing static into my streams, playing sound files at double and triple speed so they are unuseable, and lately, the routing of my VAC setup is having issues. There are a lot more details, but they don't really matter as I just am dead set on never using Sam Broadcaster again.


What would you suggest for an alternative? I don't need a bunch of advanced scheduling features or music functions as I only play a personal friend's band's music or Creative Commons stuff; my show is a talk show (Truth on Tap and Caps on Tap). Whoever helps me figure this out shall be rewarded somehow. I'm exhausted from installing, poking around, testing, and failing.


With RadioDJ, for example, I'd be fine (like with a few other packages I"ve tried) but I cannot stop my own voice echoing. My VAC setup is Mic to 1, 1 to 3, 2 to 3 (2 being Google Voice) and 2 to phones.

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Thank you; just d/l'd tonight and installed and sent for the key. When you say new version, you mean when this one is out of beta, we get to keep it vs. paying for it? I'm looking over the tutorial now and thank you again for the suggestions and information. EDIT: Still can't get it to work w/o hearing my own voice. Sigh. Oh well, I'll just keep digging. SOMETHING has to give. EDIT 2: got it working, no echo. Mic to 1, 2 to 1, 2 to headset, VOIP to 2, RB to 1. Done. Bye, Sam, and I hope you get kicked off of a bridge like that dog by Jack Black in the first Ron Burgundy movie. No, I hope Sam gets tied down on the ground near where blind people are playing yard darts. Edited by wutzthedeal
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I have been using RB in the past and would recommend that one over SAM , though i think its a bit of a personal taste. Am sure RB will get the job done as required.
Yep it's working; seems it's only going to be good through January though, and I can't afford that kind of price tag so I'm re-working RadioDJ, trying to get that to work. I would take damned near anything over Sam.
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Great info, thank you
My pleasure. RadioBOSS is working like a champ now. It has a very seamless feel to it; a quick feel, not clunky, and I don't always feel like I have "loose ends" in my settings, if that makes sense. I did have a few issues of late connecting to Spreaker but because the software worked fine before and I haven't changed it, I can rest pretty sure that that is Spreaker--a bug they need to address. I like the number of sound effects I can have in front of me, the color coding, the toolbar layout, etc. (I'm using Beta 5.0 right now on Win 7 64, 2.1GHz dual core Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop; in other words, you don't need a lot of "power" to run RadioBOSS). I haven't even dug into the scheduling and stuff yet because I just do a radio talk show with a song here or there. You can check out out/listen from the player tab on the FB page here if you wanna hear (some of the episodes were recorded with SAM, some with the web interface, and some with RadioBOSS and RB sounds the best and delivers the most consistent sound; you get a sense of a "theme" rather than a disconnected bunch of sounds). That's my 2 cents, lemme know if you have any specific questions about setting up VAC w/it or hot RB works, etc.
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