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Female Radio Idents Needed Please

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Hi, firstly I am so glad I found this site. So much cool stuff on here.


I am looking for a female voice to produce a few idents for me with FX

I'd be happy with male voices as well, but female would be a preference.!


One in particular is quite important as it's for a 24 hour marathon for Children In Need charity in the UK, which I am part of on the 15th Novermber.


If someone could help I'd be extremely grateful.


1. "You're Listening to The Enigma Variations, with DJ Enigma"

2. "Every Monday Night, The Enigma Variations on SkyHigh Radio"

3. "The Enigma Variations Children In Need Special, Only on SkyHigh Radio"


and also if possible a dry whispered "D. J. Enigma"


FX wise, I play 80's through current and dance, but I'm thinking something moody and deep (I know thats a bit vague, sorry).


Many Thanks in advance to anybody who can help

I will happily mention anybody on the shows!


Best Regards


DJ Enigma

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