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Updates 7/11/13


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Hey all,


You may have logged in today and seen a few new things floating around. You're correct (not insane!).


Firstly, we have finally launched our Shows section. This is a place where show producers and presenters can sell/offer their show episodes to other radio stations within Broadcasting World. Show producers can offer episodes via payment or for free download. It's free to add a show, so go ahead! If you want more exposure or if you want to be heard more, then offer it up in the shows section, make some $$$!


For Radio Stations, why not browse the section for a show to fill that timeslot? Most shows are free or for a small payment.


Secondly, Top 100 Stations of 2013 is underway! We are opening listener votes up today, so stations in our directory should see a new box on their show page saying how many points that station has. The station with the most points by the end of the year earns the top prize! So get listening and promoting!


If any hosts or brands want to contribute prizes for the competition, feel free to contact me. I am happy to do some things in exchange for a few months advertising or so...


Hope you all like the new changes! Keep the suggestions coming!



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