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Seeking capable guests for a Truth-based show


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Hey guys,

I run two shows: Truth on Tap and Caps on Tap. Facebook page is the best place to learn about them which is http://www.facebook.com/TruthOnTapShow or you can find them on Spreaker.com or you can actually now find Truth on Tap listed on iHeartRadio (but not Caps on Tap as it has not been accepted).

Truth on Tap focuses on Truth. Nothing more, nothing less; we do it through comedy, through fact-checking, calling out crazy people with conspiracy theories (some of those theories we find legit, but very few)... truth in news, politics, society, psychology, religion, etc. It's a fun show, cussing allowed, anything goes, always exciting.

Caps on Tap is specifically about the Washington Capitals and only airs after a win because people don't want to listen to shi8 after a loss.

To be on, please be:

30 years old or older (I'm 41 and I just connect better with older people)

A funny person who has a lot to say or an expert on something regarding truth or something commonly misrepresented

Have control of "Uhhh, ummm, ya know"s

Be confident on the radio, have energy, and have a good phone connection/signal (landline preferred).


Find me on the Fb page if interested. Peace!

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