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It's now 2014...well almost. For those of you who've been at it for a while now, what bit rate is commonly streamed to cover the whole spectrum of all them tech gadgets? 128/32? 64/24? What do people mostly stream at? With apps coming out on smartphones, do they even stream at 128? What about 64?


Can aac even be streamed to apps? I would like to go to aac and just have one universal player vs having 4 or 5 different players including apps. Is that possible yet without costing a pretty penny? Are we still stuck on using mp3? Half my audience(OG's) are tech illiterate and have very short attention span as to navigate around to

get the required player so mp3 is the best option.

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I see your thread was never properly answered.


I stream at both 64kbps mono and 96kbps stereo. 128 is overkill sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it sounds great, but 64 and 96 work great on my cellular network in my area. 128 buffers a lot.

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