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Found a nice jingle; can somebody identify a specific type of sound?


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I've found the jingle below, quite old but I like that 90s sound.


After 4 seconds, +/- 5,5 seconds and +/- 7,5 seconds, there's a specific sound used. For my own jingles, I'm searching for similar sounds, but I don't know what key word I have to type.


How would you call that type of sound?


--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cekXiscKQFU


If somebody knows it: Thanks already. :)

Good Vibrations (90s flavoured webradio): Listen directly - Station info and playlist
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Thats what they call a "woosh" element

Others are swishes, impacts, hits, etc etc ...


See attached some samples


There are excisting TONS of those elements ... and they are also known as "production elements"

** However buy the elements at a compagny who sells them also on CD or CDrom


Some fellow BW members do have their own production studios


To give You an idea about content etc ... check Sound Ideas


and discover the world of the production elements ... its HUGE :thumbup:

Flame woosh.wav

Stereo woosh.wav

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I had finished the jingles already, without such sounds (because there was only one day left to make them - I had already planned to air my new shows today), but the information can also be useful for future jingles. :)


In fact, I've got already tons of production elements on the pc, but sometimes new questions are still popping up.

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Good Vibrations (90s flavoured webradio): Listen directly - Station info and playlist
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Interesting !


If You wanna pay for elements than make some google searches on tags ... such as : production elements, SFX, sound elements, designer (loops and / or elements) etc ... ...

Listen to all of them at several websites, and only buy if You decide that all elements fix with Your needs


Making a search on "jingle(s)" does not give always the right results

A jingle means in fact a sung ID and can be understood as a produced loop / edit / score


If You are in search for musicbeds, You can make a search on "score" (including if needed) loops, sample etc etc


Discover the www and you gonna explore lots of material !

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