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So...I was thinking about the fact that I want to include a record option in the next version of LCDJ. While I don't intend to start working on version 2.0 until around spring or summer of 2014 (must wait until I have finished my degree), if I don't write this down, I will probably forget about it.



A simple record function will certainly be added, but the thought came to me that I kind of like the idea of a full show recording that includes passing song titles. I'm curious what others might think about this. Here's how I think it could work:



1. You click some kind of "Record Show" button.

2. The audio is recorded as normal.

3. A text file (probably in xml format to make for easy parsing later) is created.

4. The song titles are recorded in the xml file one by one along with a time stamp to indicate at what point during the show each song began.

5. A folder is created and named with the name of the show and both the audio and xml files are kept in this folder (audio file would be named myshow.mp3 and the xml with myshow.xml for example).

6. After the show is finished, the entire folder would be zipped and renamed to something like myshow.shw

7. To replay a recorded show, you would simply load the shw file.

8. When the shw file is loaded, the folder is extracted into a shows directory.

9. The xml file is then parsed and loaded into a timer to keep track of the song titles.

10. The audio file is played.

11. As the audio file plays, the timer regularly checks the elapsed time of the audio and updates the song titles by their timestamps.



It's a pretty simple idea really. All that is doing is creating a kind of table of contents (TOC) for the audio file being created. Just with timestamps instead of a page numbers for the songs. LCDJ just reads out the next item on the TOC as it comes up. A DJ could record a show for replay later or send it to anyone else to replay it (assuming they are using LCDJ as well of course lol).




What do you folks think? Have you seen anything similar?

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