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While developing a new service (that will go online very soon). We noticed Icecast has no external API's at all! That is why we decided to make a free and publicly available now playing API! Please notice this is currently only a JSON api, we did not code a embeddable widget for your site yet.


The usage is simple, just use this URL


for example: http://radioca.st/api/nowplaying.php?url=curiosity.shoutca.st:8006/autodj

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Their was lots of API's.


The problem is that Icecast advanced and forked with KH, as the XML exstentions changed.


Many developers focus on Icecast KH edition, as that is where all the cool features that streamers want are. Karl Heyes listen to our complaints, and made a server that was tailored to our crys.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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