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Happy Birthday Phillipe!

Arfa B

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Thanks Arfa ... much appreciated


and I'm happy to see that a topic on my name has been made ... especially for my birthday :rolleyes:


Earlier I made already one at BW ... to be sure that they wouldn't forget Me ... LOL

check : http://forums.broadcastingworld.net/showthread.php?12744-53-and-Counting

and have a good Xmas!

All the best mate,





ps: wish I could spell!...

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LOL ... funny

I would prefer the "All" buggers club :rolleyes:

and I'm glad to "get" finaly aboard of a real ship "The Ol' Bugger" ... hihihihi


Next Year 2014 its the 50th anniversary for Caroline, ... so about time for an all new "Motor Vessel"


By the way, "The Ol' Bugger" would be a catchy name for a radiostation

Does somebody has anywhere a boat left ?

Phillipe is now old enough to be a member of the Ol' Buggers Club, Welcome aboard :balloon:
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