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Questioning whether or not to continue broadcasting...

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Hey y'all; I started a fairly successful talk show considering how young it us (under 6 mos) and I actually do another show as well that isn't as successful (One is called Truth on Tap, which is basically hardcore truth about most popular topics, the 2nd, Caps on Tap about the Washington Capitals; Truth on Tap got accepted to iHeart; Caps on Tap did not).

There's something missing.


I've had a crush on the idea of radio shows forever; used to call the local station when I was a kid, doing voice impersonations. I loved the whole thought of it; doing a show, having to think fast, and playing with sound effects. But now, I don't know. Is it just that I'm not getting enough fans interacting or calling in? I feel like I'm losing my passion. I'm only 41 so I shouldn't be "dead" yet. Anybody know what this re-considering is all about? Why do I feel like I'm on the verge of dropping the whole thing? Have you been through this? (and if I decide to keep broadcasting, I need to know where to find at least 5 or 10 listeners who will actively engage in chat/phone calls routinely; where is the best place to find them outside of your normal social networks?). Thanks for your input. My show's fb page is http://www.facebook.com/TruthOnTapShow

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