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Bloopers: Homos, Aryans, and Hi-Undies...

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Now that Radio Discussions is defunct, I might as well share with you a few recent local radio misfires...(These from the Duluth, MN market)

KDAL's new hi-tech (yeah right) automation often triggers late or early, causing "Wally Ballou" transitions between sources. Some CBS newscasts contain a commercial for a mortgage-refinance outfit; the first line is something like "Are you a homeowner drowning in debt?" One recent Sunday afternoon, a story on World AIDS Day was followed by what sounded like "Are you a homo?" [click] (local weather sounder)!

An announcer at another station cluster apparently unfamiliar with the brand "Ariens Snow Blowers" (pronounced Aaron's) recorded his commercial copy pronouncing it as "Aryan Snow Blowers!" It apparently passed continuity and ran for a couple days until the Ariens dealer ordered it fixed. (Except maybe on the right-wing talk stations?)

Finally, one of those used-car dealers who just insists on doing his own commercials has a unique pronunciation of Hyundai. "We got Fords! We got Toyotas! We got Chevys! We got HI-UNDIES!!" Well, he does sound like somebody just gave him a wedgie...:eeko:

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I could see not pronouncing Ariens right. I probably would have pronounced it something close to aryans too.

The car dealer guy has no excuse.

I always get a kick out of it when local businesses do their own commercials. About a third of them deadpan it, a third go over the top ridiculous, and the rest do various degrees of not horrible.

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Up here, where we just got clobbered again by winter storms, Ariens snow blowers have been a pretty familiar product for at least 40 years; though I can understand a DJ from some other part of the country not being acquainted with the brand name. What I guess I didn't understand was how it made air without the flub being spotted by someone else.


You're right about DIY commercials being a hoot. Up here it's mostly car dealers, but we also have the owners of a local pizza chain, a sporting-goods dealer, and (actually pretty good) a guy who runs a shoe store. I think he may be a frustrated DJ really; he has a garage full of juke boxes in various stages of repair, a basement full of 45rpm's, and a very understanding wife...

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