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Question : Tell Me more about Lavf54.29.101


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Since the Summer 2013 at my stats a type of player appears who is unknown to Me

It appears as Lavf54.29.101



I made several google searches but didn't found any specific details about it

It looks to Me that most of the IP's who are using it are users from Israel

Some of them are logged in for a very long time (120+ hours and more)

So it looks to Me as a kind of relay, and not as a normal media player


Do You have any idea ?

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I think it's an audio codec. Probably also a player.

By making google searches I notice that it appears very often into links to Torrent content

(if possible check it out Yourself)


some written results are :

- Writing application :Lavf54.29.101

- Writing library : Lavf54.29.101

- Metadata: title : Media Presentation encoder : Lavf54.29.101


For reason that I'm not a tech guy, I don't have a clue of the meaning of it

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Thanks eddas


and I suppose not only recording but also encoding the stream ?

The current IPs who are logged in with Lavf are



and most of all, it are daily the same (so static) IPs


Problem remains ... Yes those IPs can be traced, but We are not able to know where they connect to stream / encode

and I'm almost sure that they relay content

Lavf, which stands for libavformat, is part of the FFMPEG encoder.

It sounds like someone is recording your stream.

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The first IP is from an organization called Internode in Australia. The second IP is Zenith Electronics Corporation in Lincolnshire, IL. So this could be from a Smart TV, Home Theater system or something of that nature. Its a good thing trust me. Best places to find out the source of an IP address and I even used this with my own IP address is en.utrace.de or http://www.ip-address.org. Use those two places and you'll never wonder again who is listening to you. I use this 100's of times a day. Many people are paranoid about Stream recorders, rippers but truth is that a Good ripper can disguise itself as anything tTunes, Winamp, TuneIn or whatever the user types in as their fake user agent. So there is no way to stamp out recording. Its like Radio was in the 70's when cassette Recorders came out it is what it is.


With the software I promote you can type something and send it to the listener's player. So 20 seconds before the song is over you can type your web site, your DJ Name, any message. Something that will Kill a stream recorder and force people to actually listen to your station if your feel the need. Its one suggestion I have for those that want to stamp out recorders. My post about the software easy on resources and wallet has that link.


Best Of Luck.

Progressive Rock(Album Rock Deep Tracks),Classic Rock



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What he said. Personally I wouldn't risk killing off potential legitimate listeners using an active method such as IP or user agent banning. Do the more passive method of messing with the stream metadata to throw off the automated rippers.
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