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Stream Relaying Help?

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I currently have two streaming accounts.


The first account, I'll call Stream 1

It is on a Icecast v2 server with Centova Cast control panel.

Stream 1 is my main stream. I'm prepaid for a few more months, I already have my playlists in autodj set up the way I want them. It is also close, geographically, to my listener base.


The second account, I'll call Stream 2

It is on a Shoutcast 1 server, also with Centova Cast control panel.

Stream 2 is new. It comes from my winning of the Countdown to 2013 contest here. Geographically, the server is on the other side of the world from my listeners.


I've tried setting up stream 2 as a relay for stream one, putting stream ones IP and Port into the relaying field in Stream 2's configuration page, but it never worked.


Is it possible to use a shoutcast server as a relay for an icecast server? if so, what am I doing wrong?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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