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Automation's great, when it works...


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Last night (1/4/14) I choked on my chow mein at dinner listening to a local automated easy-music station...no, wise guys, it wasn't caused by a Robert Goulet record, though that would do it...it was when the robo-DJ started chatting about looking forward to New Year's Eve! :blink:


Screw-ups like this is why people hate automated radio. This station (an AM) and its five sisters (2 more AMs and 3 FMs) come out of a new "state-of-the-art" (yeah right) studio complex. In fact they are broadcasting one channel only of a stereo signal, which produces reeeallly weird results from those 50's/60's oldies that were recorded in extreme stereo. Beatles karaoke, anyone?


This station group, when they can get away with it, voicetracks their local news on weekends and runs the same cast both days across several stations, with the originating station's call letters on it; in other words you may be listening to "WCAT" but you'll hear "KDOG" news and weather. To me, this bean counting undercuts their stations' identity.


But what do I know? In TV here we have an NBC/CBS duopoly that does two nightly newscasts with two anchor teams reading the exact same script. :eyebrow:

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