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ASAP Non-profit Auto Attendant Voiceover


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Voiceover needed


I Will Rep & Thank You In Advance.


Hi there,

We are a Non-profit tech company and we need a voiceover for our auto attendant on our phone system. Can you

please make one saying :

[Thank you for calling Stelloh Industries, please hold.]


and another saying :

[if you know your parties extension please dial it now, otherwise please choose from the following. For Scotty press 1, for James press 2, for Eleanor press 3, for Howard press 4, and for the operator please press 0.]



[All of our representatives are currently busy assisting other clients, and we appreciate your patience.


please note that Stelloh is pronounced like Stell in the name Stella and the "oh" is pronounced just like the word "oh". So basically Stell-oh, but in one word.


Thank you,

Scott Stelloh

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Hello Scott


Accept my respect ... but 2 requests on one day .... and not "one" liner but several into one topic

+ this request : http://forums.broadcastingworld.net/showthread.php?12798-Voiceover-intro-for-Middle-School-Play

all made the same day and time ...

That looks a lot my friend


PS : by the way ... don't use "ASAP" ... it makes things going slower ...

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Visit and listen @ BW !



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Hey, I just did a quick Google search to see what your non-profit tech company does. This will help me put some feeling and the right inflections in the voice tracks but I can't find a thing about you or the business.


When it's all legit give me a yell and I'll happily put them down for you.



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It is kind-of a neighborhood business, and I mainly help people that I personally know. But sometimes they tell other people my phone number (which is very annoying) so I decided to make a phone system (online, totally-free)



Scott Stelloh

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