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Things that make you go Hrmmmm


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I recently contacted a local record store to pitch the idea of an Internet radio station. Something that could really boost record sales and get some market attention.


I got a rather interesting reply.


* David great idea but we already need time off and it could take us away from the prime aim to be the best stocked record store anywhere . . . that requires the dedication to actually stock it ! !



Well gosh golly gee - if you increase your sales volume - you could make more money and hire more people ... La Duh

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About this kind of stories some of Us can write already books


Point is :

- Artists blame anything and anyone for reason that their music is "downloaded" but not sold for real (as CD / hardcopy)

- However most of the artists redirected fans, people .... to iTunes to buy "the product" online

- Downloading the music at iTunes, Amazon etc costs an amount of money .... But how much receives the artists as wage ?

(not a lot)

- Being in the weekly iTunes top50 is these days more important than appearing in the Top40, Top50 ... of the national radio network


Concluding :

- The download quality at iTunes gives a file with an average of 256 kbps ... Not real high quality and in no way equal to CD quality

- Recordshops / CD shops had the past decade day after day lesser sales, for reason that people are downloading music ... They don't buy anymore their products at a shop

- However there is (untill now) none of those shops who anticipate to the current situation


Any ideas to achieve better sales are not wanted, they are not in search for it ... Sad but true

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