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Hello Everyone, Thanks for adding my stream


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Hi all, My name is Josh, I run a small community radio station here in Indiana on 99.1 fm, Its just a small limited signal using the supplied Whip Antenna, So the neighbors can listen to..hehe But I also stream the station online at at http://themove991.weebly.com/ The music is Electronic Dance Music, including House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Drum N Bass, and Electronica. We have a 96k mp3 stream which I got fro Sleepy Enginners, whom I highly recomend them, since they have fairly cheap hosting, and 100 percent uptime on their Premium server's, and even have Value servers at 64k starting at 2.25 a month. I also have a 32k AAC+ stream, and I use Shoutcheap for them. Both Host's offer centova cast, which is nice to have in order to track listener's and it can help you with Royalty reporting as well.


People have asked me if im ever going to boost my FM signal to go farther, my answer is, (NOT LIKELY), since I would be getting over the Part 15 limits if I did. I have applied for a LPFM NON COM license from the FCC, but we will probably all be dead before that gets approved. hehe


I havent had much luck getting listeners since I changed my format to Electronic Dance from the Rhythmic Top 40 format, then known as Galaxy 99.1, it played a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Urban, and Some Rhythmic POP and Dance Music, with weekend night dedicated to DJ Mix Shows. Right now the station is just continuous music, with no station IDs, or Imaging, Eventually im gonna have to add some IDs that also mention our website URL, but first of all, I gotta get listed in more directories, and learn more about Web Indexing, so my site can be found.


I use the Sound Solutions Plugin for Audio Processing, and its free and gives you very nice clean audio, also all of my mp3s are 320k. For those of you other's who stream, I find Sound Solutions far more effective than the Audio Processing in Sam, and other Paid for Processors, It sounds similar to the Orban Optimode. Anyway, thats my intro, Anyone feel free to MSG me if you have any comments or questions. PEACE:)

Playing the very best in Electronic Dance Music, to Martinsville on 99.1 FM, and Worldwide online at http://themove991.weebly.com
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