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Whats the best internet radio set up for live streaming and calls?

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Hi all,


I'm looking to start and internet radio station and I'm wondering what the best way to set it up is. I'd like to stream live shows (mostly talk) and have multiple guests as well as live callers. My thinking was that I would use some sort of mixing software and record and broadcast directly from my computers sound card. But I'm not to savvy on how this would work and figured there is probably an established solution that most people use. The simpler the better.


I currently use Instant Teliseminar for one of my businesses and wondered if maybe I could somehow use that to broadcast the live shows and take calls, but then record it all directly via my computers sound card so that it sounded much better quality for the podcast which how I imagine the majority of my listeners will consume the content.


Are there any services out there that would allow me to do this simply? I've done my share of Googling Internet Radio Software and such, but everything find seems to offer a few of the things I want but not all.


Just to restate, I'm just looking to have multiple guests call in remotely, and take live calls as well as stream the show live. but I want to be able to record it so that the podcast recordings sounds better than what I hear coming from so many of the shows out there.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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As far as hosts go, i would mix it into a mixing board and have each guest separate if possible, that may cause you to use multiple phones. As far as listeners calling in i would use a personal cell phone, setup with google voice. That way you can hit #4 and record your call and play it back after the conversation, this way no accidental profanity or slanderous remarks are made live on air.

Thats my 2 cents

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You wrote :

I'm looking to start and internet radio station and I'm wondering what the best way to set it up is.

Besides the idea to take callers and make a talkshow / live show ...

The main question should be : What kind of streaming software gonna be used ?


I suppose You have at this moment the idea to start an own project, but I guess its not yet online


To fellow BW members it should be interesting to mention the type of software, platform etc etc

That way its gonna be possible to learn more about the do and don'ts

Streaming software A gonna act lesser to even not good compared to a software B ...


Using "mixing software" is still not done to achieve the best of both Worlds


Simply use a mixer (Behringer or other) with 2 or 3 mic inputs and who has some inputs for audio in general (for example : Your phone line in, audio equipment etc ...)

That mixer can get connected to Your pc / machine by using the Line In or by USB

If this looks OK to You ... You can decide "how to make" the broadcast ...


Are You gonna play music ? (24/7 or in between)

If so ... its most interesting to make the right choice about Your streaming software

There are these days TONs of free and or paid softwares

But ... : What is the best solution ?


Once You have or create answers to those questions You can start thinking about the concept of Your project

- If You have some financial savings = buy a legal streaming software

- If not, check and double check, install (and most of them uninstall) free streaming softwares at Your pc ...

and discover what kind of program is the best suitable and gives the best results in the making of streaming broadcast


With or without experience ... sometimes it all looks deadly easy to do

but some software don't gonna act stable, or don't gonna give the right audio quality etc etc


If You don't have a streaming software who can record during a broadcasting ... using a media player such as "Nexus Radio" can be a great idea ...

That type of player is having a sheduler to record specific radiosets (on date and time) without loss of quality

Edit the start and end of the broadcast and You gonna create a podcast in almost no time

An editing tab is included at Nexus Radio (interesting if You don't have editing software)

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I stream to Icecast using BUTT. I have a mixer set up and I plug my cell phone into it an use my Google voice number as the phone in number for guests. I use a free conference call set up for co hosts. BUTT has the ability to record the stream so I record everything using that.

You can't use the Teliseminar to broadcast unless it has encoders, you will need a software encoder.





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Lmarrie did you have to pay for you're google voice number or what?

as i have a behringer xenyx802 mixer? and i have two mics the KN-MIC45 wich is a dynamic mic

and a behringer mic wich is a XM8500. now how do i setup those two mics one for me and one for the guest

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