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web radio player

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In general Your stream provider has / offers an own custom made media player

Ask their support services


If not ... Check google for the JW Player ... Simple, used worldwide, never fails and with some average knowledge you can customize several colors / buttons

Add to the "flashvars" this content (You can add the much &details_name as needed)



[TD=class: webkit-line-content] flashvars="file=http://IP: Port/;stream.nsv&type=mp3&volume=50&autostart=true&height=20&width=300&showfsbutton=true&backcolor=0x000000&frontcolor=0xFF00FF&overstretch=true"[/TD]



[TD=class: webkit-line-number][/TD]

[TD=class: webkit-line-content]/> [/TD]



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yeah hi there radiocast heres the link http://www.xyzstreamhosting.com/focus/radio-media-players


ut theres no demos as to were they show a working one


Your going to have to spend some money if you want a player like that. I'd imagine it won't be cheap either.


Either that or start learning some programming skills.

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