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A DRY read as VOCODER ID ? (limited free offer)


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Hi fellow BW members,


I have a new pro tool at my audio editing software

and I wanna share this experience with You !


I installed a pro VOCODER with TONs of settings ...


My free offer includes :

  1. One and "only one" Vocoder version of Your DRY read
  2. The read has to be uploaded to this topic ready to use with a station name or name dj / host only !
  3. One Vocoder version means = one soft and one medium

How ?

  1. Choose Your best DRY read ever who contains "stationname or name host / dj"
  2. Upload the DRY read to this topic
  3. Come back to this topic and download the result
  4. If You are satisfied, feel free to make a donation

Important !

  • Choose Your best DRY read (female or male)
  • The audio quality of the read has to be clean and free of clicks, hiss, noise etc ...
  • Post production of Your read has to be made by You (aka audio file has to be ready to use)
  • One and only one Vocoder gonna be made to any BW member who is making a post to this topic (so no need to spam this topic with "an other" request made by the same BW member)
  • This limited free offer is valid untill 02.02.2014 Midnight UTC

and now ... Hit that upload button asap ... I'm looking forward to Your requests !

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What can I say. I am amazed no one took you up on your kind offer. I love vocoder, probably because I was brought up on Radio in the 60's and 70's. I still think it has a place in radio today. I until recently used my Kaosillator pro synth for vocoders which had many options. I have sold the synth in the last few weeks and am looking at other synths which must have a vocoder abilty. Its members loss not taking up your offer.Hope all is well. Mark
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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