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Streaming from your own pc

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Thanks for your help chaps :)


No worries mate. Looks like you are on the right path.


Break a leg!

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Hi Frank,


Ever made a visit to http://www.ustream.tv/ ?

Setup of a profile is easy and free - but You can choose at anytime for a pro edition

It provides a setup who installs the software on your pc ...

Add clips / webcam etc to your broadcast section and its up and running


Its also possible to stream "audio only" ... but honestly I don't know how to manage this


I have the software on my pc, I have a Ustream profile ... but I never use it ...

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Thanks Saint,


I decided to go with this player http://www.shouthost.com/freeflashplayer/


I have configured this and it is picking up a stream but the issue I'm having is that if i tune in from my pc that every thing is running on the player streams, But it does not stream from an external computer although it can be seen on the website.


This is a mock site I'm just playing around with to get the settings etc right before i integrate it with the site project I'm currently working on.




Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be


Thanks In Advance





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I have to guess since you haven't supplied all of the information (like what format you are using) this FLASH player does not work with AAC or AAC+ formats.


Only one or two FLASH players do. Check out this one:


SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

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i assume then that you're either connecting via a flash policy server so you can run things via sockets connection and then re-packetise the AAC stream data to what Flash requires or using an intermediate server / tool and that converts things to what Flash can then play ?


and reading the blurb on the page, it sounds like you don't support different streams on a 2.x DNAS setup (referring to "Mount Point (Icecast only)" which seems a bit of a missed opportunity if there isn't support for it with 2.x setups).

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I'm currently struggling to open any ports with port forwarding - especially with the ISP blocking any attempts to of yours to open any ports - anyone know of any ISP's which allow this? It seems Virgin Media has a company policy (based on legal reasons) to not allow port forwarding from a laptop - gaming is different and is allowed... but how do you get around this problem with the blocking with a laptop?
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You ever considered using a host?


Keep in mind this, you dont have to necessarily host shoutcast. You can use a host that provides a server, and stream to them.


Most hosting is pretty cheap compared to the past. Not to mention you can get "launch page ad-funded hosting."

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Hey. I'm running kind of a similar setup.

I have done some searching for this very thing, and I found that if you want to broadcast exclusively from

your apache webserver you should look into a software package called AirTime (https://www.sourcefabric.org/en/airtime/).

This is open-source and you can control it completely from your webserver. It can be a pain to setup depending on your rig,

but if you can get it up and running with Icecast - you are "off to the races".


Hope this helps.



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