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Why is it that every one on this planet understands the effectiveness of Internet Broadcasting and yet there are no local businesses that can grasp the concept and appreciate its value.


I have pitched the concept to an Independent record store - they are too busy to be bothered.


I have pitched the concept to marketing agencies - they don't see the value.


I have pitched the concept to bars and cafe's - they are not sure how it could bring business in for them.



I even pitched the concept of a " pirate radio station " to a local beach resort area that has a steady stream of tourists year round - the infamous blank stare of " wtf are you talking about " gave me all I needed to know.



Did the zombi apocalypse happen and the zombies ate every ones brain ?

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I think most business owners still think of Internet radio as a bunch of amateurs that have maybe a hundred or so listeners a day. Most business owners are at work most of the day and seldom have time to get on the Internet and see how Internet broadcasting has grown.


Some things that "Internet radio broadcasters" have to consider is, that small mom and pop stores need coverage locally, not nationally or world wide, unless they are an internet business. Bigger national stores are usually putting their money in TV advertising, feeling that Internet radio is to small of a market to worry with. Unless you can show them that they would receive several hundred visitors a day from your station, you're not going to get their attention. Business owners want to know they are not wasting their advertising dollars, so they look to where they think they can get the best results for their money. You have to be able to show them numbers that prove they will get a good return on their advertising dollars!


When I had my retail store between 2001 and 2006, I used newspaper, local radio stations and the free local papers that people would advertise stuff for sale in (here they are called "the peddler"). My best results came from the local papers (the peddler) that people picked up for free. Local radio stations did little for my business, newspapers was even worse and the newspaper was the most expensive! Do you think I would have taken you seriously if you told me that Internet broadcasting would bring me sales that even the local radio stations couldn't bring me? You have to sell the business owners on the benefits of what Internet stations can do for their businesses. Give them numbers that prove your advertising will actually make it worth while for them to spend their advertising dollars with you!


You really want to see what kind of salesman you need to be? Call and make an appointment with a large local radio station or TV station about advertising your station on their channel. Meet with the salesperson and ask for numbers, they will provide you with all kinds of information about the age demographics of listeners, ROI (return on investment) that you can expect, best times of the day to advertise (most expensive), areas reached by their station. They will offer various package deals for better cost savings ....etc. You will find even the small local stations are having a tough time finding advertisers. They usually have to rely on car lots, beer and soda companies, service companies (heating and air, plumbing), insurance companies, real estate companies, banks and convenience stores for their customers and almost have to give away their advertising to get them to sign a contract. Do you have the talent available to provide them with a professional commercial that doesn't cost them anything to make? If you go through a local radio station, they make a commercial for their business that is included in the price of their advertising.


If you do manage to get an advertiser, does your customer let the business owner know that they decided to do business with them because they heard about them on your internet station? Otherwise the business owner doesn't know that you helped bring them in sales. See if the business owner would allow a special discount or something for free or an upgrade if the customer states that they heard about them on your Internet station. That way when people come in to buy, they will mention you and the owner will know that, that particular sale was generated through your station. Offer to give a better rate for advertising if the owner is willing to do this. If it all works out and you help increase sells, you will have an advertiser that will be happy to spend money with you.


When you want people to spend their money with you, you have to put yourself in their place and consider what "you" would expect for "your money". No one likes to give away money! You also have to consider the demographics of your listeners, does the product fit with your genre: ex.. can you really sell hoveround chairs on a hard rock station? Are you really going to sell a Lexus or BMW on a teen station? Ask yourself what would sell to your listeners and target those markets. Then, arm yourself with the information to make the sell to the owners. If you go in empty handed, with an idea that has no data to back it up, then in their eyes, you are just a dreamer that wants them to fund your unproven ideas! Also, remember to respect the owners time, they are usually very busy and don't have a lot of time to give you. Show them what you have to offer and what you are willing to do, to make this work. Go over the numbers, show them the demographics and what that means to them. Show them other companies similar to theirs that advertise with you, then make the sell. Have a contract ready with prices and ready for them to sign. If you don't know your demographics; age, gender, listeners in area, ROI ...etc, can you really expect them to sign a contract with you to advertise? If your going to compete with brick and mortar stations, then you have to offer as much, if not more, then they do in order to get the owners business! If you are trying to make a business of Internet broadcasting, then you have to run it just like a real brick and mortar business, PROFESSIONAL!

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The above was not directed toward you Saint, it was just a general idea for people new to the business world. Some will start up a station and wonder why people are not flocking in to advertise on their station. It takes a lot of work, determination and perseverance to make it in any business, internet or brick and mortar. It's almost like you have to prove yourself before people will even think about doing business with you.
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