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Thank you very much Saint and Wayne for your welcome.... Before I piss someone else off for asking a question, let me properly introduce myself.... I just took a early retirement recently and decided that I needed something to do to keeping me going crazy from boredom.... I decided to start a small little radio station for me and a few of our facebook friends... Kinda a old skool spot for some of us older ones to go hangout and listen to some back in the day music.... I have some experience with computers but no idea where or how to begin at this radio station thing... Ive always like playing music so I joined this group to learn a few things about getting started... Some of my questions may come off as mindless to some of you that have been around for a while but too me, its all new so none of it is mineless as far as i am concerned... I got jumped on by James the administrator saying that I just got 10 post for some voice makeover which is funny because not only do I dont know what one is or do I even need one for a project thats mainly for a few of my friends... Furthermore, it was also stated that I would be reported to my ISP provider for posting spam(which is 100% false).... my reaction to that was simply, if my ISP provider would even question me about such nonsense after I have been with them for all these years, I would be more than glad to get a new provider.... all I want to do is learn how to get this up and running my friends..... I apologize if I have offended anyone with a question that I dont have a answer too.... Im just trying to learn so please be patient with me ok..... Thank You Very much guys P.S. One more dumb question... Do I really need voice makovers for such a small venture
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