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Hi all,


My station has finally gone 24/7 but I am looking for some free shows that I could broadcast instead of just playing back-to-back songs. We are a Classic Hit's/Decades station so that kind of genre would be great. Also, ideally good audio bit rate too.


KInd regards.



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Check the www by using keywords such as : syndicated radioshow, Your type of format / genre


There are many hosts who are making Weekly radiosets "for free" with or without ads (most of them without ads)

There bitrate is in general 256kbps

There are a lot of UK based radioshows ... USA hosts make in general sets with a specific genre (e.g; : soul, oldies, decades etc)

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I would suggest contacting Geoff Dorsett. He produces great shows like Kick Up the 80's, Supersonic 70's, and Solid Gold 60's. Also there is Steve Shockley too with Rock with the Shock. http://rockwiththeshock.com/ He will even broadcast live on your station.


I totally agree about Geoff Dorsett, I have all his 3 shows on my station and they all sound fantastic, so i do agree get in touch with him you won't be dissapointed. :)

My Radio Station

Atlantic Radio Uk


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