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Howdy!! Wohooo is here :)


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Hello everyone this is Xavier from Wohooo Networks, As many of you has noticed Jim left me to another radio hosting company. Anyway Wohooo is still a great company with lots of new features coming in. I have experience in web designing and now radio broadcasting since two years. I have made a small animation for my website where you can find here : http://youtu.be/Eok8OSP-jyc and I have also created a french version of Wohooo there: http://www.wohooo.fr I would be glad if you could leave me feedbacks on how to improve the website.Just to offer you a welcome gift as I'm pretty into developing new stuff and testing lots a great new features. I would like to share an awesome tool for your website. Rather than using the Google Analytics tool I would advise you to have a look at http://www.piwik.org and see how great this tool is and of course free.Leave me your thoughts!! So happy to be here for Wohooo :)
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