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My name is Brian Basher. I’m based in Dallas, Tx and I host a weekly 2 hour show called Hard Rock Nights. The concept of Hard Rock Nights is pretty simple; imagine if Hair Nation and Boneyard played new music too.


The show is available for FREE and broken up in 6 segments, approximately 18 minutes in length, the total run time averages between 1 hr 49 min and 1 hr 51 min, which leaves 9-11 minutes per show for affiliates to run advertising. I also email affiliates each week to let them know the show is ready for download. I offer downloading through my FTP and dropbox whichever one works best for your station.


You can listen to our demo on soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/hard-rock-nights/hard-rock-nights-demo-and


You can look at previous playlists, listen to our demo, or even download a full show here http://hardrocknights.com/home/media



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