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Free promotion for YOUR Voice talents.


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I thought this might help everyone and be kinda fun as well.


If you want to do an ad for your own voiceover business, why not have some fun with it.


Create something like "This is (your name) with (business name) and if you'd like "jingles/sweepers/stationID's/etc." that sound THIS GOOD, then head over to (broadcastingworld.com or your own website) and request your own! By the way, you're listening to WBIJ, Radio Bijoux, The Jewel... " or something similar. Or get creative and do your own thing.... You know what works best for you. Just pop in a blurb about Radio Bijoux. Pronounced BEEjou

It could be anything you'd like, have some fun with it, and I'll make sure that all my friends and clients at other stations get to hear it for themselves.


We're primarily a classic rock station, but play pop, country and a good variety.


A leadin for groups like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, THe Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. would be fine as well, just make sure you lead off with your own Ad.


Do whatever you'd like with sound beds, etc. Doesn't matter, whatever your genre or preferences, niche, feel free to do it. I'll make certain it gets placed in the rotation and shared with my friends/clients.



Sam Broadcaster v4.9.4

SAM2Joom v1.1.10

Joomla v3.2.2

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