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Help! Has anyone heard this before?


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I have been searching for days for this song! I have Shazamed it (brought me to the same song, but with voice overs on it) and have even contacted 3 production music companies (Videohelper and Warner) and it's not their music. I have heard it used on FOX, The Nine Network, and even Apple commercials!


Does anyone know what this is and where it can be purchased?



^ music there.


^ also used here

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Thats one of the many news fillers / scores who have ever been made

Similar scores can be found into "Battle Themes" packs

(edited with some swishes and wooshes)


Check google for "Battle themes" and / or "News scores"


Attached You"ll find an examples of that kind of themes

it contains : a stager, a short cut and the full score


Similar scores can be found as free "give away" or can be bought as pack

If You find a loop of a score, You can make even an own edit

AudioTrack 02.mp3

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I understand. But the only thing that irks me is that it's for sale on amazon with voice overs and as a workout track. It's copyrighted by UMG. Should I contact them or would they just be the people lisencing the music, and not provide the name of the artist.
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