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request advice: where to find terrestrial radio stations abroad to re-broadcast radio

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I am affiliated with Canadian based Christian organization seeking to broadcast radio segments on radio stations abroad. Our organization is in its incubation\start-up phase and has not yet officially launched with its website.


We have podcasts, sermons, audio from youtube.com, radio messages that we will license or that is in the public domain that we wish to re-broadcast on terrestrial radio stations abroad (focus on developing countries where radio transmissions are accessible but Internet streaming is NOT readily available).


We would like to find small radio stations and already established radio programs that are transmitting into these regions (Africa, Middle Europe, Mid-east, China) that we can pay to transmit (re-broadcast) these messages.


Examples of which could be:

Such as a small an operation as a single tower running off of a gasoline generator and with broadcasts being sent out from a small shed next to the tower TO


as big as a large network of affialiated broadcasters who broadcast simultaneously programs across large geographical regions with sophisticated scheduling, logistics, etc.


Can anyone suggest any online resources at would allow us to find these radio stations.


Also, advice on where to begin to learn about Radio-broadcasting (i.e: a guide to broadcasting with emphasis on paying for radio time) would be greatly appreciated.



Thank You



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