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hi there i'm running a radio station

that compels of talk and music. and

i introduce music as well, now i don't want to sound

to boring over the air as Listener scope will die down?


and sometime i will have guests in the studio as well. now i have two microphones

one is a dynamic mic and the other is a bheringer mic. and i would like to talk

about things over the air as well? such as when new movies and songs come out ect ect


i would like the Listeners to be able to think that its a fun based station to be tuned in on.



does anyone have any ideas as that what script i could have or does anyone have a link.


so for example


DJ: bla bla bla bla


Guest: bla bla bla bla


DJ: bla bla bla bla


then music


DJ: bla bla bla bla


ect ect

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I think it's impossible (as well as a recipe for disaster) to try and "script" anything. If you want listeners to think that you are relaxed and fun based then the only way to go is natural. If it just doesn't come to you then my advice is to listen to other stations to get an idea but I have been presenting radio for 15 years and never used a script. Even when conducting serious interviews I scribble bullet point notes of things to "bring up" as well as any key points and things I think of along the way. When it comes to things like breaking for music it's gotta just flow... right time for a song I think....!

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