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Radio Jingles


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Has anyone used musicradiocreative.com to let them produce jingles ?


I have searched on the net and they seem the best.






Don't you think that's just a little insensitive ? How can you compare quality when you have been here a month made one post and haven't even asked for what you are looking for. In most cases someone will have it or can produce it and most of the time it will come free. It's good you are looking at other sites but you really shouldn't say shit like that in a forum that just might have had what you were looking for.


Anyways Rant over good luck with finding what you want.



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I think I understand the reason why of the question made by Djalan


I ever bought a pack with production elements at their website

and asked them also for sung IDs ...

They have some very cool demo's at their website musicradiocreative.com


Only problem is the price ... Way too high ... too much money

Even for a simple acapella (content = 2 words) ... they ask the same price as an acapella for maximum 8 words ...

so I'm not convinced yet to buy or order anything at their services

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