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High Quality Streaming service

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Hi there,


Excuse my newness to this all.


I'm looking to find a way to send a single audio stream at high quality (at least 320 MP3 or CD quality) to a single client [from my recording studio to theirs].

Any help, wisdom or advice on apps or options much appreciated


As a summary I want to send a stereo feed out of my OS X 10.8 computer (which will be operating at either 24 bit 96kHz or 24 bit 44.1kHz).

I know that is a high data rate, but if I can at least convert it in real time before streaming (a smallish delay is not a big concern as long as it is not a long time) to 320 MP3 quality or CD quality (16 bit 44.1kHz) that will be good enough quality for requirements.


Linking directly to a client for the stream is ideal, but otherwise a server is fine too, what ever works easily.

I have a VDSL line (so upload speed standardly ~9-10Mbps).


So if anyone knows of

a] Real time encoding software to create 320 MP3 quality (or FLAC, or AAC etc)

b] a way to stream that to a single client/listener in real time for them to hear


OS X 2496 ->real time encoder (min 320 MP3)-> real time streamer -> client


Please let me know


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