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Using variables in PAL scripting to create a dead roll

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What I'm trying to do is make a dead roll filler fading up into a song that ends precisely on TOH. The principal I'm working on is that from 00.57+ the main playlist is cleared, a song is pulled from a fillers cat. The required play time would be variable depending on time remaining to TOH. A calculation would need to be done on the filler song so as it would start part way in, fade up, then play out to the songs finish which would coincide with TOH.


I know many of you would say just fade the song out on TOH or let it play on and finish a couple of minutes or so after the hour. I'm using the first of those options, but both sound sloppy and lazy to me. None of the top main stations I listen to do it that way. They start news bang on the hour plus they don't fade out a song to accommodate this.

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Hi Owen,


A TOTH can easily being started "with a clear queue" by using this PAL - set "automatic startup" to YES

{Wait for right time}PAL.Loop := true;


{Clear queue}


Cat ['News (ALL)'].QueueTop(smLemmingLogic,NoRules);


function ActivePlayer:TPlayer;


if DeckA.Status = psPlaying then

Result := DeckA


Result := DeckB;


The part in red is the essential part to start the clear queue


In my example the start of the TOTH is at 00:59:40

This time setting depends on the lenght of your TOTH

My experience learned Me that activation of the PAL at 20 seconds before your clock shows the new hour is important ... That way the TOTH ID gonna start playing "right on the TOTH" (depends on the delay of the internet streaming / connection)


Now add any filler you want by using the "sheduler"

- load the fillers / connected files to a folder at "Other" > "Other (All)" > new folder (choose a name - e.g. "TOTH Fillers")

- make a new event

- choose file

- change command line to queueTop

- set time to XX:59:55

- The file (filler or other) gonna be played at anytime (times you have sheduled) at the end of the TOTH


If you wonna hear an example, check my stream at the TOTH


Hope these details were helpfull ...

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