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Looking for presenters! "Top-40 Shock Jocks" need not apply

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I'm looking for presenters who share an interest in alternative genres of music, those not played by the big commercial stations (except for of course, BBC Radio 6 Music, who we massively respect) to do a show on my new station "Life Radio", or simply "Life", we are a community of presenters who believe in alternative music and it's increasing success in the charts, and who believe that online radio should be fun, not a daunting hobby made hard by licencing companies and tricky station owners. If you would like to join us, or simply want to ask some questions, please contact me: golligysutton@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you!

Callum Golligy-Sutton

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We don't have any presenters available but we do have a number of shows that are established and just going up for syndication one of which is K POP music. K (Korean) pop music is sweeping the world and we have the original UK produced K Pop show *established for over a year going out on a syndicated basis very soon.  Unlike a lot of syndicated shows ours are unique and only going to a limited number of stations.   If you would like more information please do drop me a PM!

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