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G'day folks


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I currently have a show every Saturday night (*cough* really Sunday mornings) from 1-3 am on Sydney's 2RRR 88.5 FM; it's called Jolly's World of Web.


In the last 14-15 years I have written and performed comedy (skits and stand-up), completed a BSc.(Chem), worked in IT (still do) and started a podcast which is now a radio show.


My goal at the moment is to create my own online radio station so that I have more control over all the operations and content.


I've been reading the forums over the last couple of weeks or days...it's hard to tell from this angle but anyway, I decided to sign up and start interacting. My current research is on licensing and royalties for a possible global listener base*


*I don't mean lots of listeners necessarily but people scattered all over the globe.



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