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Staton IDs, ads, and promo schedule

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Question: How often do you play ID liners, ads, and/or promos on your online radio station? I have heard stations that play them after every song and I have heard some that do not play any at all. On one of my stations I play one every fifteen minutes and every ten minutes on the other. I think the one that plays them every ten sounds more professional in my opinion. What do you guys do and what do you think?

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I program my sta ID's approx 15-20 mins between songs manually. Mainly to give stream jackers fits, and when I configure the cross fade and the gap killer it works out pretty well. If I'm using the clockwheel its more like after 15-20 songs depending on how I program Sam.
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I play a station ID at the top of the hour or at least once per hour. I play ads after every 3rd song and I do have a sort version of the ID every half hour that simply says my stations name with a space shop flying over. Keep in mind that was how Album Rock stations did it in the 70's for example WIOT in Toledo, Oh.

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Station ID,

4 songs, promo & Station ID,

3 songs, Station ID,

3 songs, PSA, Syndicated promo, Station ID

3 songs, Station ID,

x songs to fill out the hour then repeat the sequence for the next hour, etc.

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