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Hiya looking for a few jingles for hospital radio please


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Hiya i was wondering if anyone of you lovely lovely people would be kind enough to do me a few jingles for the show i do at my local hospital radio station.


I hope i havnt asked to much and i greatly appricate anyone giving these a go for me.



The first one id like is something like -


"It's friday we are getting you ready for the weekend right here on apple fm with Amanda Symons and Dj Chris Young."


- With some upbeat bed playing in the background


- Followed by


"It's 9.15pm it's friday, it's apple fm, it's time to mash it up with Amanda Symons and Dj Chris Young"


- With maybe some kind of mash up mix bed ?


Followed by -


"Your listening to the chris young Show, it's offical your weekend starts here, with the best get up and dance and mash ups, sure to set your weekend off with a bang. Keep it locked on to 97.3 or listen to us online now at www.applefm.com


- With a dancey bed please


And lastly -


"Your listening to the Chris young show only on apple fm 97.3 from 8pm until 10pm dont change that dial."


- with maybe a dancey kind of bed


Anyone that takes the time to give these ago for me would be really really appricated, thank you very much.


If this is in the wrong section then im sorry, many thanks

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