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How to make a similar effect in Audacity?


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This means that You wonna sample that section


- Open the soundfile into your software ... now you have to see the WAVE of the soundfile

- Expand the view

- Play the file and see where the "Y" starts and ends before it reach the "O" of the "OU" sound

- Select now the region of the "Y"

- Copy that section and past it 2 times after the end of the "Y" section

- Play the file

- Now You gonna hear Y-Y-Y-OU

- Save it as "save to new file"


Those things can be done with anything that is called pro software

However its my experience that sometimes You can achieve the "better" results by making your own "sample region" manual

In fact the same way of making this can be used to sample a "loop" of a beat ... ...


I'm using at my place Adobe Audition and I can create by doing this very nice results

Please check the attached example of a "D" sample

DDD sample example.mp3

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