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ABK Radio - Jingle with SFX

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Please can we have a jingle that is produced with music/sfx (not just dry)


I will give rep and also recommend you to my contacts.


Script: "ABK Radio" (Pause between A B K (dont try and say it as one word))


Many thanks,


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Dont need your contacts. Or your rep....


Carry my show.


Carry my show and I'll make a slew once my new studio is setup. I'll throw in helping you fix your server issues and your licensing (in terms of financial support), maybe help you with your page, show you some launch script magic, and how to pound that hashtag properly with hootsuite.


Thats the devils deal. Take it or leave it.


Heres some previews of previous stuff.








Just for the record, I do got a slew of stuff with this FM station, but their ready to take the reigns on their own project. one, my show has nothing to do with my progressive thought process, and two, I need my own style DJ mentality's to influence my show. Something a little younger to interview and shoot the bull with. My motives. I'm not dedicated. Not like I was (and am) to KNSJ. Think of me more as a show host with perks.

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