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Radio station liscensing help

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I have my radio station ABK Radio. I am based in the UK but most of my listeners come from american territories and i only receive 3 listeners a day from the UK. so i was wondering can i license my station in america and the other territories an umbrella licensing website allows despite me being based in the UK?



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Look into Radionomy. You sound young (highschool maybe judging from your stitcher cast ) and money might be in question, so If money is huge concern? Streamlicensing.com as well.


I'm pretty sure Stream licencing does NOT cover broadcasters in the UK. He would have to contact the PPL & PRS.

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Somewhat correct Gary. Ill give you a sucker later. But their is a JLA equivalent to the UK.


I just got to remember its name. Their was a UK DJ that used to brag back in the day like the owner was cool as hell. Fozzy or something was the name of the guy on the forum.


Its been years since I talked to him.

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