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How can i produce my own jingles?


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You will need a mic, editing software such as adobe audition, cool edit pro, audacity you will also need sound effects which i would recommend starting off with unless you can produce your own. I learnt to produce my own with a midi keyboard and fl studios. As practice i would suggest mimicking adverts you hear on your local radio station recording them and playing around and get a good knowledge of the software you are using.


Hope that helps with getting you started

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Indeed, what Frank wrote is the best thing to do


Adobe Audition makes it possible to use 2 screens / windows :

- one to edit your WAVE : from your final mixdown or to edit samples

- the second screen shows you the multi track channels where you can adjust, mix, edit etc all content to create an ID / jingle

(including : editing of the volume, add effects etc ...)


Interesting is to install Izotope at your pc

Izotope is recognized by Adobe Audition and loads Izotope without any problems after You used the "refresh plugins" tool

see : tab "Effects" > "Refresh Effects List"


In fact all VST plugins who are installed at your pc gonna be loaded into Adobe Audition after you refreshed the list


If You are in search for "sound elements" aka FX or SFX elements ... You can find lots of these elements for free at a wide range of websites ... A lot of people are making sound elements to share them with others

(make a google search)

But You can also buy them ... There are TONs of providers, even studios who are producing elements ... but who are in fact selling elements who has been made by others

So discover websites before you start to download !

Visit this website and learn how it works : http://www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com/free-bumpers-and-stingers.php


One of the best providers of scores and elements is Sound Ideas ... but they are not cheap

However a while ago they started a service called "Stock Music" ... At that website you can buy all sound elements, scores etc ... from Sound Ideas as seperated files

How ?

- Make an account

- Discover all items who has your interest ... add those to your cart

- Checkout (with PayPal or other) and you can download them as .wav to your pc

- All purchased files are also kept / saved at your account ... So don't worry if you ever loose any data

Before you are making an account, feel free to check some of their huge content of sound elements

Check : http://www.stockmusic.com/


Last but not least ... Check also "AirMedia", who is a pro member at BroadcastingWorld

Visit his website at http://www.air-media.co.uk/

He is a producer of elements and scores and offers packages at a reasonable price

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I am interested in producing my own jingles myself with a bedroom studio?

Could someone give me some tips on software, effects .etc?




There are loads of online tutorials on how to produce your own jingles from a home studio - here's a quick video that might help ;)


Voice overs: www.youtube.com/user/golocalise

The leading translation and multilingual voice overs agency providing voice overs for corporate video production.

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