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70s and 80s Disco Show available for suitable stations

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I've just started a 70s and 80s Disco Show and am happy if anyone would like to add it to their station. It features an hour of Disco, Soul and club classics from the mid 70s to the mid 80s including extended versions and disco remixes.


I've been broadcasting for 22 years and used to do a similar show every Saturday night on FM radio.


There's a short two minute demo on the Soundcloud link below if you would like to hear a bit and my email address is in the description if you're interested in adding the show to your station completely free. The first one is ready to go for this Saturday and is already on a couple of stations.




Many thanks for your time.


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Sounds great - I am Stu and run Iconic Hits and would like to add your show to our weekly line-up... I am more than happy to give you a weekly slot as your style fits in well with my ethos... Please let me know if interested




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