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Get Listed On Steamcast Without Steamcast Server

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A very useful post from DJGaryBaldy's blog on Steamcast. You can easily add your station to the Steamcast directory if you use Icecast...


After trying both the Windows & Linux versions of Steamcast I just couldn’t get the encoder to connect. I kept getting a “Bad Password” error yet I tried both the admin and DJ passwords.


Then I read a bit more info on Steamcast on this post on Broadcasting world



I then realised you don’t need a Steamcast server to be listed on the Steamcast website. You can do this quite easily through your Icecast server.



You just need to add this bit of code to your Icecast server configuration file.



click to enlarge



You can find the copy and paste of the code Here



Just add it to the code to the .xml configuration file of your Icecast server.



Restart your icecast server for the changes to take effect.



If all goes to plan and your server is listed as public your station should be listed


READ MORE: http://djgarybaldy.co.uk/get-listed-on-steamcast/

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The Steamcast YP is based on Icecast YP protocol. And has always been open to Icecast and other servers to list on the YP provided they are not abusive and do no fake stats.


The address to add to Icecast or any other alternative server with Icecast YP support is: http://www.steamcast.com/sbin/yp.php


I am very curious what problems he had getting the encoder to connect to Steamcast. Its pretty straight forward. The only issues we've seen is from encoders with hard coded usernames. As Steamcast requires a username and password.

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clearly some people out there appreciate and use such services, but it definitely varies by person / station as to how relevant they view a Directory listing (whatever the service as your other examples are also Directory services) being useful to their needs.


as i know of a lot of stations which list in SHOUTcast then use those links to be included in other Directories, so for them it's a key part in spreading themselves around as many options as possible. additionally it can be more about being able to be found in related services to the main Directory's website via API services provided e.g. in-app services in roku or smart-TVs.


as for specifically targeting being part of a Directory to gain users, it can vary if it has any effect or not, though it also comes down a lot to how accessible those stations are in the client players which people are using. as the iTunes example is purely down to the size of the potential user-base which makes it more viable in a number of cases.


so if anything, it's more about a combination of solutions to allow for growing the listener base via say traditional means as well as Directory listings to any other number of options. so ruling out Directory services in your case (despite referring to 2 examples) might be fine depending on the needs of the person / station, but for others it can be a very helpful means if not for just being listed in them (as the ever growing number can make it harder to find things) but the benefits it provides from additional services provided as part of being listed in a Directory e.g. API, landing pages and so on (which for a lot of stations / hobbyists is not something they have the skills / services to implement themselves and so will leverage solutions they can use without too much investment and time).


hence why we have a variety of solutions and why what works for one may not for another and it's always key to ensure that you go with what works best for you and your needs.

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