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Need a show intro please for Fresh7@7

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Hi, we currently host a world wide Fresh 7 chart show which can be carried by other stations live or after we have recorded the show, we are looking for a show intro. We would like something that sound professional and will make people pay attention.


Each weekday we look at the iTunes charts twice a day 7am and 7pm to see who has taken out the Fresh track in the morning and evening.


Show Info:

Host: Rusty

Countries we cover, Monday - Japan, Tuesday - UK, Wednesday - US, Thursday - NZ, Friday - Australia

Website: www.fresh7at7.com


We are the only chart show that does this we believe. any help would be great, we are happy to put your logo on our website under our contact page.


For the intro if you can say the following:

"Live from the Fresh7@7 studios here the top 7 songs that your buying NOW! with your host Rusty"


you can check out latest show



NOTE: if you have the celebrities voices saying there name please include some, I want the sound of it like AT40

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Thanks for your contribution


But ... What is the script ?

Please write the content who has to be made as read


Good luck !

Sorry I have added it... I was kinda hoping you guys would use your imagination.

here is the current show - take a listen if you think it could sound better then the script please do.



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