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So i done this then the thread gets closed :(

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Frank, what thread got closed ?


BTW, I am getting absolute rave reviews on the cut that you did for scenic radio, they love the way you did that.


Here is the end result -> http://www.scenicradio.com/index.php?id=ambient


You are the imaging guru god !


Thanks again good sir !


To every one else - I highly suggest Frank for your imaging needs. If he does work for you - don't forget the contribution button. He is worth every single penny for his work.

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it was the one where he asked for this piece of work indirectly that is. as someone commented as to what the script was and his reply was that we assumed someone would use there imagination as i decided to do lol maybe he closed it himself i dont know but didnt want it to be a waste of my time ya know
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