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DSP Stacker Plugin for RadioDJ .1.7.0

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A quick tutorial on installing the DSP stacker plugin for RadioDJ


1) Download the files needed from http://www.mediafire.com/download/9rmu3rww2mhzti7/Plugin_DSP_2.1(fixed).zip & Unzip the folder.


2) Inside the folder you will find a file called “bass_wadsp.dll” place this file inside the main RadioDJ program folder.


3) Copy the Plugin_DSP.dll and Plugin_DSP.xml files into the plugin folder within RadioDJ.


4) Also Place any Winamp DSP plugins (including codecs) you want to use inside the plugin folder.


(Note: The newer shoutcast DSP 2-3-2 will not work with this).


5) Start RadioDJ go to Options and click the plugins button.In the list you should see this screen.




Highlight the DSP plugin and click “Show”


If you have got the right DSP files inside the plugins folder you should see them listed inside the plugin like this.




Higlight the DSP you want to use from the top list and click + to add it to the list of DSP’s you wish to use. The DSP plugin should now be visible.


Known bugs:


* AltaCast DSP still throws an error at RDJ shutdown. It’s in the DSP itself, not the host plugin.


* SoundSolution still slams CPU to 100% if you stop RDJ before removing it. You have been warned….

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