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Hello from FBGlive


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Hi all, i have been enjoying the site and also the forum, thanks.


My name is Steve OBrien and I run a broadcast outfit called FBGlive, I do talk radio shows and work on the technical back end stuff too. The media types I have or am using consist of ustream, blogtalk radio, Low power FM, satellite radio galaxy 19, some shoutcast. I am working to expand this into a 24x7 talk radio and music endeavor, I have a long way to go. I have played with SAM broadcaster and Rivendell as far as station automation software goes but have not decided what I will develop on. For now my broadcasting is done two times a week utilizing 2 mixers a media PC one skype PC and various mics. FBGlive is mainly powered by linux.


In any event, hello.

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