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OpenBroadcaster - Touch Screen Live Assist Automation

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Hi HI,


Open Source Linux Radio DJ system runs on Mobile HTML5. Radio station in a box.


How many broadcasters also run complimentary digital signage network(s) to increase revenue? Video?






LIVE Assist install2.jpg





Version 4.1.0 (July 1, 2014)

OpenBroadcaster Server Application

- AdManager module to create time based campaigns that auto archive.

- UI Contributor Module to manage a basic interface for contributors less clutter.

- Dynamic Selection' allows playing all contents in a loop.

- Wav and MP4 Audio File Support.


- System Update Script and upgrade workflow

- Parent\Child in Devices to clone child schedules, media to parent

- Device > Clear Cache

OpenBroadcaster Remote2 Application

Re-factored and optimized for efficiency with a touch screen controller that runs on Mobile HTML5.

Greatly reducing the resources needed to run app by making operation headless requiring no GUI.

Headless remote acts as a client on server to create a source mount point on icecast2 media servers.

This allows installation, provisioning and deployment all from CLI not requiring a desktop.

- Touch screen interface, to run live radio shows including a button box player

- LIVE ASSIST MODE Added a menu tab to enable this interface on http. :23456

- LA allows creating 3 PL of jingles that are turned into hot buttons player

- LA PL and Media are created and scheduled on OB Server

- All menus and configuration are now done 100% via http admin

- Improved logging to obremote.log including a view from menu tabs in http admin

- Support for JACK and PULSE streaming

- All media types are supported audio/image/video

- Version reporting to server

- Line in switching of Satellite feed over scheduled programming.

- Remote has additional Command Line Tools

obremote -h prints out additional CLI switches

obremote -d prints log messages to console

obremote -H for running in headless operation (audio only)

obremote -m minimize startup switch

Ver 4c1 (January 28, 2013)

Command Line operation of remote playout device

- "bash obremote" can be used to start the remote.

Will check for existing instances and not start if there is an instance found.

- “bash obremote_loop" will run obremote in an infinite loop

In case it shuts down/crashes or is shutdown via the http admin, restarts in loop

- obremote -h for help (command-line options).

- obremote -f or obremote --fullscreen for fullscreen on startup. (obremote_loop -f also works)

- Toggle fullscreen graphic mode on/off in the http admin.

Remote Playout Enhancements

- Fullscreen display cursor hides after 1 second of being in fullscreen, or 3 seconds after mouse move.

- Refinements in the remote settings UI -- you can browse/select folders instead of just typing in a path.

- Misc cleanup runaway script causing memory issue.

- Code improvements having to do with network stability.

By default, when the remote starts up, it now restores the last known schedule database into memory.

If the remote quits and comes back it will still have something to play.

Fallback Media Mode

Checks to see whether something is playing or about to play.

If nothing is playing and nothing is about to play, then play from the fallback media directory.

Fallback media directory items are played at random

All items will be played before any media items are played a second time.

Trigger fallback media to play. Remove default playlist no scheduled content, or the following:

1) start obremote with "./obremote -r"

2) immediately quit before it has a chance to sync

3) start obremote again but this time with just "./obremote"

Ver 4b1 (May 19, 2012)

- Install Script for server and Deb package for remote application

- Ebusker module to send electronic money using smart phones

- Smart phone audio recorder into OB Server library

- Ob-2-Ob communications to be able to swap media between installations

- Module support - An environment to create added functionality

- What's playing module metacasting engine to send info to RDS encoder and display on smartphone

- Text to Speech interactive tutorial

- Theme support - Create a skin for the OB Server

- Dead air email alerts from managing server

- Breaking up and prioritizing sync processes

- Create and modify genres and categories

- Mouse hover over schedule to display enhanced data

- Right click on media and playlists from sidebar > Advanced usage details

- Better workflow of user management

- Client Option to set message of the day on initial log in screen

- Personalized setting for media and playlist results per page

- Decentralized file storage, centralized database

Ver 4a1 (September 7, 2011)

- Dynamic Segments and Play lists created from global search results

- Permissions Matrix to assign users and groups to media and time slots

- Uploading multiple content with enhanced metadata capture and bulk editing

- Scheduling content and permissions to the second

- Logging mode for remotes in GMT

- Device Default PL and localized station ID

- Complete system API with FaceBook “What's Playing” plugin

- Emergency Broadcasting for all media with transponding reports

- Ajax optimization eliminates page refreshes, loads application into your browser

- Video and Image Preview Support and "to be approved" que with archiving

- HTML 5 eliminates the need for multimedia plugins and codec

- Internationalization so that foreign text can be saved ie: Sanskrit, Chinese, etc

- Centralized server administration of all devices operating in a cloud environment

- GTK Audio\Visual Remote Application runs on Ubuntu box at studio

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